Friday, August 25, 2006

Should we bother?

I know, I know, you're looking at the title with confused fury. How could I not want to fight for a show that's meant so much to so many people?

Well, I do. But does anyone else?

Why do you want to join the Hiarchy and demand that Hiatus be brought back? What did the show mean to you? Why this, and not some other show? In short, why are you here?


Shmuel said...

OMG. I can't believe there's a site for this; I thought I was the only person who even knew the show existed. I don't know why the network buried it. Bad time slot, and the promotion was totally misleading... you'd have thought it was a comedy about mimes rather than an engrossing sci-fi drama.

Rapid-fire dialogue, brilliant ensemble acting... and I admit I had a thing for the hot brunette, whose name escapes me. The show may have been too good for television.

So, yes, yes, we should bother. We should rise up and demand the resurrection, whether on TV, in the movies, or even in comic books. BRING BACK HIATUS!

The said...

It's a low down dirty shame this was ever canned. The networks pump out bad clones of Britcoms, one up each other on sucky reality shows, and recycle 'talent' we didn't like in their first shows. I mean, how many shows did they give that Breckin Meyer before he got stuck making Garfield/Product Placement++ movies? But I digress. I hereby add my name to the campaign to bring back Hiatus.

Areaologist said...

[i]Of course[/i] we should bother with trying to save Hiatus! Family Guy was brought back to television with new seasons because of the fan support. Firefly got made into a major motion picture because of fan support. Hiatus needs the fan support more than any show ever has before, because nobody has ever got a chance to see the show!

Think of all the amazing Hiatus episodes that never aired, were never filmed, or were never written! How could we possibly consider denying all the fans and potential-fans out there the chance to see those episodes by failing in our duty to promote the heck out of this show? BRING BACK HIATUS!

Belle511 said...

Oh my goodness, I can't believe I'm not the only one out there who feels this way about Hiatus!

It's so rare that you find shows with the depth of characterization that Hiatus had. I mean, I can't be the only one who belives the pilot of Hiatus was the most engrossing, most powerful character-driven pilot episode ever not filmed.

To those that think we're silly, wasting our time campaigning to bring back a show that never aired, I can only say that I pity you that you have never been swept up in the magic that is Hiatus. If you had, you'd be as passionate and driven as we are.

To all my fellow members of the Hiarchy, I leave you with that memorable line from the pilot "It doesn't DO anything, that's the beauty of it."


Gwen said...

Oh, where should I start? How can I list all the wonderful things about Hiatus--the complex but interesting (and followable!) storylines, the superb acting, the amazing special effects (did you know that they could do what they did in the pilot episode with the effects we have now? mind-blowing). My friend Ted keeps a list of all the continuity errors and effects problems and so on in all the shows we watch, and he combed through Hiatus with a slow-motion play on TiVo and came up with nothing. The set design made me feel like I was there, and if you've even heard of the show you realize how difficult that must have been.
From start to far-too-soon finish, Hiatus had proven itself to be above and beyond better than any other show ever on television, or never on television, as the case may be. After what happened before the first commercial break, I was sure it could only get worse--how do you improve on perfection? And yet the writers and actors and everybody else on Hiatus pulled together and it just got better and better.
After watching Hiatus, I realized that Plato was right with his Ideals...Hiatus was the Ideal Science Fiction Show.
Hiatus fans need to unite--maybe most people never got a chance to see it, but anyone who did I'm sure became a fan instantly. (Even my friend Jackie, who hates science fiction usually and only watches the History and Food Channels, got sucked in by Hiatus's brilliant writing when I made her watch the first episode with me. We were really looking forward to many years of Hiatus!) We need to come together and show the network that we can appreciate good, quality programming!
Down with over-dramatic reality shows! Up with incredibly realistic science fiction drama shows!
Bring back Hiatus!

Eaquae Legit said...

I want this show back, and I'll do whatever I have to to get it. I can't believe it was cancelled.

Bring back Hiatus!

Anne/kq said...

Hiatus: the show I always wished they had made. Too late, I found out that indeed, they hadn't!

There was the rugged lead, the slightly geeky but cute and smart guy, the brilliant woman, and all the rest, traveling the galaxy having adventures, a truly great sci-fi show.

And now, it will never be again, if the network has its way.

Bring back Hiatus! It's not only us Hiatians (as we affectionately refer to ourselves) who will benefit; it's the coming generation who will be raised knowing the wonder that is Hiatus.

Anthropo said...

Totally agree with all of it. Hiatus was dynamite from the very first moment they walked onto the screen. I actually cried at the end of the first episode--though I;m not sure if it was despair, joy, or some infinite understanding of the universe that did it for me ;) . I mean, come on: I never cry.

Personally, I plan to be unrelenting to bring Hiatus back. It would be so easy. Think about it: none of the actors are doing anything else yet, except for the blonde with the braids, and the show he's in doesn't look like it'll last much longer. There's the money for it, there's excellent writers, good lord, Hiatus could aire again in a week if they really believed in it!

At least they could release the DVDs so the fan base could get their hands on them. Wonderfalls, Firefly, Family Guy--all cancelled, but DVD sales went through the roof. I had to order mine bootleg from Singapore.

I'm willing to pay an arm and a leg to bring Hiatus back. Who's with me?

AvidReader said...

Oh come on, guys. You're letting the romance of the cancelled show status get to you. I mean, does the world need another cerebral sci-fi drama?

It was a bunch of folks talking and some cool effects. I, for one, didn't think there were nearly enough explosions. And the bad guy? Please! Even the geeky guy could pwn him.

We're taking it on faith that the story lines were supposed to be magical. I mean, any writer can say that when their show hasn't been aired. How do we know it was going to be the most groundbreaking work ever?

I think we should make the studio prove Hiatus is worth the bother before we get all worked up about it.

eaquaelegit said...

anne/kq, I know! It had the characters, but somehow they stood out. The geeky guy, I love Samar. He's kind of shy, but I always thought we hadn't seen all of him yet. Anyone raised on a planet full of people the size of WWE players (I wonder what his mother looked like?) who didn't fit in I would expect to be ostracised and bitter and scarred, but he never speaks of it badly. What did the writers know but never tell us? I have to know!

Anne/kq said...

avidreader, you've obviously withdrawn because you've been burned too many times. You're just trying not to let yourself be hurt by the premature cancellation of all great Sci-fi shows-- including Hiatus.

Why should we care about Hiatus, you ask? You say it was just a bunch of guys talking and some special effects? You miss the point: Hiatus speaks to a longing in all of us, a longing for a universe where good can overcome evil, where things make sense and plots are wrapped up at the end of the episode or the season with everyone a little wiser and a lot more strong and compassionate. Hiatus was the show for the everyman, and Hiatus spoke to the extraordinary in all of us. We NEED Hiatus back! In these troubled times, the whole world does!

Puffy Treat said...

Speaking of the need for hiatus, it looks like Peter David's much anticipated canonical series continuation "Hiatus: The New Legacy" has been put on "indefinite hold" by the publisher.

Apparently Mr. David was offered a chance to write Spider-Man or some crap. Like super-heroes could ever compare to TV science fiction! Fie upon him!

Likewise, Dark Horse Comics has discontinued their line of Hiatus maquettes! And I was -this- close to getting that model of Samar locked in battle with Cygnus Aplha!

Anthropo said...

Puffy: I've heard there are some other fan sites up making Hiatus action figures and stuff. Technically, they're not licensed, but still, for a real fan . . .

I even saw a scale model of the Venture with the damage from the battle on Hera I on ebay the other day, but it was way over my budget.

Anonymous said...

Hiatus makes me happy. Please keep me happy!

The Pub Nymph said...

I've never seen Hiatus, but I'm taking it on faith that it's Firefly to the nth degree, and, quite frankly, I'm sick of fantastic shows getting the boot just because they may not be mainstream enough, or the station was being pissy. Enough, I say! Bring back Hiatus!

~*~*~The Pub Nymph

pgwfolc said...

I don't know. I never really got into the show myself. Maybe if it had lasted longer. Who can say?

But I have to admire the fanbase. You guys are really impressive.

I just wonder, though, if maybe you aren't a little too dedicated.

I mean, back when it was first announced that they wouldn't be airing the show, you set up a boycott of that channel (I know better than to mention its name around here...). Now it's not even carried by my cable company!

Don't hate me. I'm impressed with what you've managed to put together so far. I'm just saying that maybe you should consider your tactics a little better next time.


avidreader said...

I duno, Anne. I kind of wonder if this isn't some kind of sick Firefly Syndrome. If we all hoot and holler enough, we can get the studio to give us what we want, even if the movie didn't make that much and the show wasn't that good.

Is it really about Hiatus, or is it about getting studio execs to cave? Cause if it's the second, I'm there. 8)

Anne/kq said...

AvidReader, a true Hiatian acts with one purpose-- to allow the unconverted a chance to convert.

Studios caving is just an awesome side benefit. ;)

As for Firefly, what do you mean, not that good? I challenge you to a duel (banjos or lightsabers, your choice.) :p